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Epson V370 compability with Evernote

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Im going to purchase an Epson V370 scannner for my son to use, after a bit of research I discovered that the company claims that it is compatible with Evernote (can scan directly into evernote) and other cloud storage applications. Since I couldn't find a list of scanners that are compatible with Evernote in the website, I want to make sure that it is compatible before buying it, as my son uses Evernote often. If the Epson V370 is not compatible are there any other low budget scanners that are compatible with ever note?

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Regardless of the ability to scan directly into Evernote I'd strongly advise always scanning to a folder on your son's hard drive.  It's much easier,  and less hard on the upload limit within Evernote,  to add text,  crop out unwanted errors,  fix problems or merge several PDFs together.  The secret (IMHO) to using Evernote effectively is to have a 'smart' title for each note.  I use yyyymmdd <type><source><keywords + tags> so I can find things easily with an "intitle:????" search.  The title of the note will match the name of the PDF.  I also convert each note to a 'searchable' scan by using the ScanSnap OCR function.


Most scanners can scan to desktop.

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