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Shared Notes Issue

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I've recently discovered some major syncing problems with Evernote on multiple platforms. When I share notes with co-workers, across platforms, i-Phones, web, windows, etc, sometimes the notes sync, sometimes not, sometimes it actually shares correctly, sometimes they have to physically put it in the notebook...


HELP! Sometimes I have to delete them from the shared note or notebook and then reshare it with them. Am I doing something wrong? Are they? I think of myself as fairly tech savvy, but some of my co-workers are not, and I was hoping Evernote would be easy.


We are not premium, but we are wondering if going premium or business would alleviate some of these issues...



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If you are sharing with several others it's probably time you looked into a business account.  The problem with sharing with your colleagues - especially if they are not tech savvy - is that notes you share will be received by their personal copies of Evernote at different times,  depending on when they receive emails/ work chat invitations and how often Evernote is allowed to sync from their local device.  With Business there's a Home page to which you can add notebooks,  and the latest notes will be available whenever a fellow employee opens Evernote and goes to the Home page.  They don't opt into the notes,  the "administrator" allocates permissions to view them centrally.

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