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(Archived) A couple of feature requests

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Hi EN,

In an older version of EN when I did clipping I was able to set the size after click in a screen what I wanted to clip.

This was good for me, because I could be more precise and neater about what I wanted to clip. I was kind of said to see it go. Is it possible to bring that back and implement it side by side? Maybe through a shift key option??

Also is it possible to link to notes from another note. at the moment I am studying something and write notes in one notebook, but want to reference to another note. I know you can create hyperlinks, but maybe consider making note-links?

Cheers Jeff

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It sounds like you may be clipping directly to the web service using our Javascript clipper. You may want to try our native client and clip directly to the client. This makes it easier to manipulate and edit a note immediately after clipping.

There's currently no way to create a link directly to a note in Evernote, but this is something that we plan to add in the future.

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No I do not use your web service version, only the native client one.

I can see the dimensions when I make the clipping, but it use to have the little boxes that I could drag around the object I needed.

If there is an alternative method, could you please explain that one?

Cheers Jeff

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It sounds like you are clipping part of the screen using the Windows version 3.5 client. The new screen clipper requires fewer steps to grab the screen, since you can just drag out the part of the display you want to clip. You don't need to grab the corners of a box and drag them into position.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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