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Deleting a shared folder


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I have Evernote for my PC and my iPhone. I have a shared notebook from someone else that I have copied and re-tagged, and now I would like to take it off.  However, I have privaledges to edit the notebook.  I'm worried that I will delete the shared notebook instead of remove my sharing privaledges.  Is there any way that I can un-share myself without requesting the original sharer to do so?


When I click "delete" on the folder I get the following window. "Are you sure you want to delete the notebook stack 'name'?  None of your notebooks or notes will be deleted.  This operation cannot be undone. Delete Stack/Cancel"


Am I deleting there's as well? Or am I just deleting it from my account?


Thanks for the advice,



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You are trying to delete a stack, which are expressly for containing notebooks (stacks do not contain notes). No notebooks will be deleted; any notebooks in the stack will be moved to the notebook list.


If you wish to cease sharing someone else's notebook, just delete it (right-click / Delete...); it will be removed from your account. You cannot delete a notebook from someone else's account.

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