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You can scan with anything as long as it can scan to a desktop folder on your PC.


PDFs are better than JPG (picture) scans,  and 300DPI is the maximum resolution you need to OCR.


Save to a "searchable" PDF if you can - that will be indexed by Evernote as soon as the file is uploaded.


If you have a Windows computer,  scan to one folder for editing/ renaming of files and create another Input Folder.  


Once you've finished with the scanned documents,  drag and drop the files to to Input Folder and they'll be sucked into Evernote.


There's no official 'import folder' function in the Mac client yet,  but various script options are available,  including this one - 
When you've scanned a picture/ document you need to name it something useful - try "yyyymmdd - type - source - keywords" where
  • yyyymmdd is the date of the document or picture,  not the date you scanned it
  • type is photograph / receipt / letter / user guide - what is the general type of the item you scanned
  • source is "where did this come from?" - the name of your bank / accountant / bar etc (or of the people in the pic)
  • keywords is - anything else that might help you find this in a year's time.

-And for the first week or two:  DO NOT scan and then shred things - you might want to re-do stuff as you learn the best way to do this...  Good Luck!

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