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Stack Syncing Issue

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Hello Dear Evernote Staff,


First of all, I wanted to thank you all, especially to admins and moderators of this team for making such a handy and useful program. I, from time to time surf around the forums here and there whenever I have an issue and you always have an answer for that. I even see duplicate posts so an extra thank you for your herculean task in piercing through them.


My problem is one I couldn't find yet despite searching through topics. Because the problem is similiar but not exactly the same. However if it was my inability to find, I'm sorry for creating a doppelganger topic.


My problem is that, I use EN @work and @home. There is often no problem when I sync them. And recently a friend of mine have started using it. We are using it to study our materials. I hope it's okay that we are sharing my account. Everything, including my stacks have appeared on her pc. The problem occured when I changed the stacks. like updated and simplified them.


The notes when synced appear on her pc just fine as she does they appear on mine, but the stacks have gotten stuck in the simplified version. Now one by one I'm re-creating old stacks, but the stacks are not being updated on her computer. She tried singing in and out, she tried logging on the web simultenously and syncing and yet nothing so far.


Would un-installing or re-installing would help recover? What might be the issue? Any ideas?


Thank you so much for your time to read this.


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User forum here,  so your exposure to EN Staff is limited (though staffers do read all the posts..)


It's a really bad idea to share an account,  because the safeguards that prevent two people changing the same note are invalidated if it's apparently the same person making changes..   that's why the system is unhappy updating the 'same' account to two different IP addresses.


I'd suggest one of you creates a new free account,  and that the other shares the important notebooks.  Simplify it all you can,  because stacks won't share,  only notebooks.


If this is reasonably important information.  one or both of you ought to be a Premium user so you can get Chat help if you need it,  and because if the shared account leads to wrongly changed or lost notes,  you can (probably) use Note History to recover information.  You might want to start taking regular database backups though...

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Dear gazumped,


Thank you very much for your reply. You're right about what you said and I started noticing some of the problems you told me about.


Things have taken a different turn and now it's vice versa... The stack orders are being updated... but my friend's notes in them are empty. Any ideas? If you don't want to give any, I'd understand. Thank you.


Yes, I've started taking backups already.

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Same problem I think,  or maybe a symptom thereof:  Evernote doesn't share stacks.  So if you can see stacks,  they're in your account (or maybe you created them on your computer after notebooks had been shared to you?).  If your colleague is still using the account,  Evernote's servers are getting simultaneous signals from two separate devices that they're online now,  and want to have information about the same account at the same time.  Evernote isn't remotely designed to cope with that - it could just be marking the packages of information with the ID of the last device it spoke to when sending data out,  and you're not on the distribution list.  If you and your colleague both sync and sign out of Evernote (File > Exit) and then one of you signs back in,  you should get the full update and see all the stacks / notebooks / notes.


It's just occurred to me though that there's a possibility that if you both use the account older notes on your machine might overwrite later changes your colleague has made to the same note,  because the time stamps on your notes may be "newer" than his when they get to the server...


I'll go back to my earlier comment - it's a really really bad idea to have multiple logins on one account!

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Hello gazumped,


I'm sorry for the late reply, but thank you very much for your replies. I understand your point and concern and I will act accordingly, I do not wish to confuse EN servers any longer nor cause any problems to my archives, taking a simpler route as you suggested.


Thank you and Take care.

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