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Problem on Windows 7

Elie MC

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Hello everyone !


I'm desperate since yesterday, my Evernote is not working on Windows 7 !

Out of nowhere, when I opened it, it automatically reduced in the task bar. And when I clicked on it, it closed the app.

So I uninstalled it, reboot my computer and reinstall the latest update.

Now it won't even open...

I deleted all the files related to Evernote on my computer (Program Files : Evernote ; Appdata) and reinstall, still the same problem.


Can anybody help me please ?

Thank you so much !


I'm using a SONY VAIO on Windows 7.

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FWIW just deleting files isn't a good way to uninstall an app - you're better off using the app's own,  or the Control Panel uninstall function.  If you're saying everything's working again however - I'm glad for you.

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Problem solved !


For the people facing the same problem, here is how I solved it.

It turned out that on my computer, the 5.8 is not working, so reinstalling was not the answer.

So my solution was :


-Uninstall Evernote via the Control Panel

-Delete the related files in Program Files and Appdata

-Take these files on a other computer with a older version of Evernote (3.5)

-Copy-Paste these files in my computer (in Program Files and Appdata)

-Launch Evernote.exe

-Do the suggested update


Good luck !



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Thanks for sharing,  but that doesn't sound like that's a fix that will be available to many,  requiring as it does a second working installation of Evernote.  Best way to uninstall and reinstall all the related files and registry entries on a single device is to use Revo Uninstaller (third party software,  but recommended by Evernote Support) to remove the old version,  then 'clean reinstall' the new one.  If you have any unsynced files or local (unsynced) notebooks,  you must export them to ENEX files (assuming you can get into Evernote to do it) otherwise the notes may be lost.  And backup the database folder somewhere safe.

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