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Evernote Sorting Order Chaos in Sharing....Please help!

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Hello I am a premium user and started Evernote to do a journal of my grandfather to share with families prior to the holiday.

I contacted customer support 3 times, but I get no response.

Everytime I organize the notes under title so they will be in consecutive order- they look fine on my screen, I have them listed as Page 1, Page 2 etc., in the order of pages of the journal.


However, then I send them out as a test and they are all out of order.

I need a way for my famiy to read them and for them to stay in order.


Frankly, I am willing to bag Evernote, so if I cannot accomplish this and anyone has other ideas of some other ap to try that will do that,

I'm ok with that too, but I'd prefer to use Evernote, and frankly most of the family I send too would use it and then likely go premium as well.


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Sort order will change by user. It won't be static like a website.

So you'll need to provide a different sort of order.

You can do several simple things depending on your intent.

You can make a table of contents note with note links in the appropriate order. I'd encourage you to re title the notes with something more descriptive. This would allow folks to re-read favorite notes or skip around.

On the other hand, you could clearly label the first page and then provide a link at the bottom of it to the next page.

Finally, you can edit the "created on" dates to reflect your order and ask everyone to sort by that parameter.

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