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Update Evernote as Admin but can't uninstall (not there on ctrl pnl)


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Evernote is terrific! However, my XP computer has an old version ( installed by a user I can no longer log-in as. I can't update (to 5.8.1) as it says "Evernote was already installed by another user ... An administrator can install Evernote for everyone after the per-user installation is removed". However, in Windows-Settings-ControlPanel-AddOrRemovePrograms there is no instance of Evernote (logged on as Admin, can't log on as the old user who installed it, actually me but with a no-longer-existing domain). How can I delete the old version?



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That's more a Windows question than an Evernote one - if you're logged in as a separate user,  you should be able to install your own (current) copy of Evernote and create (or log in to) your own account.  If you have notes in someone else's account,  under someone else's login,  you need to be talking to them about retrieving your notes.  Neither the forums nor Evernote Support can help you log in.


If you want to remove the user from your computer,  I'd suggest you Google (or otherwise search) for "how do i remove a user from my windows computer?" (without the quotes) and see whether you can,  as an Admin on this device,  remove another user.

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