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Evernote with Factiva

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Hi guys!


I read an interesting article on Factiva's collaboration with Evernote and was very pleased with this piece of news. I presently use Factiva for article searches and clip them with Evernote. I wonder if its now possible to see search results (from Factiva) on Evernote? I understand that this is only available for Evernote Business and I am only with a free account. As this integration can potentially increase efficiency, it will provide great incentive for me to upgrade my account.


I haven't been able to see any tutorials on this and would really appreciate if anyone has ideas to share with me.


Thanks for your help! Advance Merry Christmas to everyone!


Best Regards,


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Hi Jack,




That article does mention that Factiva & WSJ are part of a Dow Jones suite of products. I can tell you that the WSJ already shows up for me in Context on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, being a Premium Evernote user... however, Factiva is only available for Evernote Business users, which I am not - so I can't say whether it is up and running (but it should be if its counterpart has been rolled out already), except to quote from the abovementioned article: 


"Teams using Evernote Business will see an expanded Context section with content from Factiva."


Basically, what happens is that any notes of yours that are brought up in a search that have similar information to articles within WSJ and a growing repertoire of other news sources, will show a Context section with links to those articles at the bottom of the note. Also, if you're writing anything related to an article from one of these sources, a Context alert will pop up briefly, which you can click/ tap on to follow to the bottom of the note. 


Merry Christmas to you!

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