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Workaround for my syncing issue

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To recap:


A couple of weeks ago my sync failed while importing a bunch of digital photos on my home PC. On that machine when I checked my account it said I'd reached my upload limit. However, when I checked my account on the web & on my laptop, it said I still had 1.2GB left.


I was unable to buy extra upload allowance and my home PC was unable to sync


After (eventually) getting a response from support  they said it was a bug, with a undetermined fix date


I tried a few things to work around the issue (logging out & back in/ deleting trash, neither of which worked)


What did work was uninstalling evernote, and deleting the database (look in appdata in your user directory) and reinstalling evernote.


That fixed my home pc, but the next time I tried to sync my laptop it froze up. However same solution worked - uninstalling and deleting the database


Fingers crossed, everything seems to be working OK now


I'm a premium user, and have been since 2008. I have about 15,000 notes in my account. It's an integrated part of both my work and personal lives. (ie I drank the cool aid)


When evernote doesn't work its a huge PITA for me!



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Hi.  Sorry to hear about the problems,  but it seems like you fixed it - at a cost,  because you're presumably not sure how many of the pictures you were trying to upload actually made it.  Deleting the database means,  unless you have a handy local backup to replace it,  that you are dependent on whatever information made it to the server to repopulate the information on your local computer.  If you have any big uploads,  it might be an idea to set up a local notebook and add your new notes to that - it will show you exactly how big the notes are,  and you can move them across in small batches to avoid getting too close to the limit.

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