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I sympathise with your loss.


Making changes to a note on the cellphone makes that copy of your note the latest version,  so changes made on another device will be overwritten by that note before they can sync to the server.  But that should apply to one note only,  or at least a few notes that were changed on the cellphone.  If your book consisted of many notes,  I don't understand how everything was lost.  


While Evernote makes a regular copy of notes on the server at least once a day,  if the bulk of your notes from the laptop were not synced,  you have no remote copy of the notes to search for.  I recommend that you login via Evernote Web to check what,  if any,  information remains in your account,  and you should submit a bug report so that Evernote can investigate.  But in the same way that your data would have been lost if the laptop had been stolen or broken,  keeping so much important information in one place is always a mistake.  


When you go back to writing in this way - and I hope you will - I'd strongly recommend saving a frequent backup of your notes to an external hard drive.

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