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How do I?

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Hi all,


I am looking for a little help, here is a little background...

We use EN at work and my Installers particularly use it to log jobs as they go or to post pictures of issues that arise. Many times I do not catch the uploads to the account because I am in sales running around with customers.


so my question is:

Is there a way to have a note duplicated and sent via email automatically once a not is made?




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I suspect you're wanting to have a note sent via email so that you can be notified on your device when you're out and about... 


If a colleague uses Work Chat and sends you a message/ document/ shares a note... it should notify you on your phone - if you've set up notifications.


There is no automated process, AFAIK, that will automatically send emails when a note is created or updated. Why would you want to duplicate a note in your account for that purpose?


Another  suggestion: Set your note list sorting options on your device to "Date Updated" (All notes/ shared notebook context). Also, if you have Evernote Business you can toggle between business and personal notes... That way, if there are any updates or notes created by colleagues, they will appear right at the top of your list once you've synced. You should also get a badge count, among other notification options (iOS at least).

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