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Email not valid anymore

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Here is my problem with my Evernote account :

I use Evernote on my phone, so it is not necessary to login to use it.

My email used to create this account (edelacha@hotmail.com) is not available anymore. it has been corrupted and Microsoft deleted it.

Now I cannot login on Evernote to change this email and my password.


I cannot contact support without be connected with my account. That's why I created a new account to create this post.


Does anyone know how to contact support to retrieve data of my previous account (currently the accoutn htat I use on my phone) ?





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Do you not remember the user name and password for your account?  If you can login online you would be able to change the email address in Settings.  If you don't remember the details,  raise a ticket using the current account and 'login issues' as the headline but quote what you can remember of the other account (including the invalid email address) as well.  Post the ticket number here and we'll flag it for an Admin to have a look at..

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