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Evernote Sync Issue [Error]


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Recently I encountered SO MANY issues with Evernote, both Windows version in my Office and Mac at home.


The symptom is for some reason the sync cannot completed successfully. 





I even completely deleted my Evernote and database, hope to solve the problem by doing a clean re-install, but the problem just got worse. I have 2900 notes in my Evernote, and the app has already synced for 3 DAYS (8 hours a day), it keep encountering sync error. But the error is not permanent, after a couple of retry the note can be synced, so far I have synced 1700 notes only.


Below is part of the log, this kind of message are all over the huge log file, the sync just failed for no reason... 


13:05:09 [11916] 41% * resource data, size=57988
13:05:09 [11916] 41% * resource recognition data, size=521
13:05:09 [11916] 41% Retrieving resource, total size=5044915
13:05:09 [11916] 41% * guid={c23c08ce-4f5d-44ff-83e1-e5db5b88a02c}
13:05:09 [11916] 41% * note={d26b02cb-a11f-4cd0-90dc-3b75be183d24}
13:05:09 [11916] 41% * resource data, size=5044915
13:05:11 [11916] 41% Submitting a batch of 103 note calls, size=9.0MB
13:05:30 [3036] 41% No more data to read.
13:05:43 [11916] 41% No more data to read.
13:05:44 [4008] Client synchronization finished, status: failed


I am a premium member and I have emailed the support team, but no response from them at all. I feel a bit disappointed of the Evernote team this time, as I always believe evernote is the most (NOTone of the most, but the most) innovative and useful application I have ever met. 


Also I am quite unhappy that Evernote always "redesign the app completely", yes it is always good to make changes, but i think it is a little bit too frequent, especially the Mac app and iPhone app, users are familiar with the existing interface already, each time it "build completely from sketch", will introduce lot of issues.

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Hi.  Evernote don't always do a complete redesign for each update,  though the recent Mac update is a clear exception to that.  No connected reason that I'm aware of for both your Windows and Mac devices to stop syncing.  There are quite a few threads about the Mac update and the need to get the latest version (6.0.3) from the App Store or Evernote's own website,  but uninstall/ reinstall is usually the fix for Windows. 


Check that you updated the security protocols here -  https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/76311-cant-login-to-server/?p=323421


...and if there's no change,  I'd wait for Support;  it may take a few days to speak to a real person once you receive the initial automated ticket reference.

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