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Help for Newbe!

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Im in the beginning stages of learning this new language. The language of technology. After reading the information that is sent on Evernote Tips, I'm confused.. It briefly informs you how great snap, using colored notes, taking pictures of notes, and ect. But fails to inform you of the cost. I only have the basic. I haven't purchased the premium yet. 1. How do you know exactly what you have already? Since the section on tips to use indicated I may have this capability already. Without indicating or linking you to the specific place a person could go to purchase this item. I am in the process of writing a book the old fashioned way. And would like to use this app to assist me. Any ideas, short cuts, or material you could suggest that would assist me in learning to understand this process would be greatly appreciated.

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Getting started with Evernote has lots of reference material in YouTube and in the Evernote website,  but it's really not rocket science.

Download and install the app on as many devices as you wish.  You'll start out with a 'Free' account which has most of the same features as a premium account,  but has lower upload limits and lacks some indexing and display options.

Set up your account on one device,  then log into the same account on all devices to link them together via the Evernote servers.  If you elect to upgrade to Premium you need to do so only once,  on one device,  and preferably direct with Evernote.  (If you pay through the Apple Store it takes a few days for the payment to register.)  The account which connects all your devices will then upgrade to Premium status with its higher limits and additional features.

If you have an existing account,  just use those login details on all devices.

When you create or edit a note on any device it will be copied (synced) to the Evernote's server online.  Once there they will be copied to any other device connected to the same account.

Just make sure you allow Evernote time to sync when you finish using one device before you try to find your notes on another.  (Sync both before and after you edit anything!)

And that's it.  The best way to learn how to use Evernote is to get on and use it.  Try it out!

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