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Evernote Work Chat

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Is anyone using Work Chat to share files and for meetings? I'm interested in knowing more about how it works and how participants remotely see the files. Do they get posted to your meeting board - if that's what it's called :-) - and you all login at the scheduled time? And is there a charge for Work Chat and/or do I have to upgrade my Evernote account to use it? Would appreciate any feedback, thanks!

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Hi - 


Very briefly:  You'll find a Work Chat option in most version of Evernote as the feature rolls out.  Click the button and invite someone by email address,  and they'll get the invite to the chat.  They can use an existing Evernote account,  or set up their own new account in response to your invitation.  Once they log in,  the chat can continue..  pretty much like every other chat service you know,  except it's green,  and it's Evernote - oh; and you can share notes with others to discuss (but -in chat- not notebooks).
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