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App crashing post update



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You can find out where your Evernote library is in the following way:

  • start the terminal
  • enter 'ls ~/Library/Application\ Support'
  • search for entries like 'Evernote' or 'evernote.com'
  • backup all these directories

And here is another link which might be a bit easier to follow: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/77444-how-to-completely-remove-and-reinstall-en-mac/


This also describes how to ex/import local notebooks as Enex files.


Good luck

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Sorry my tech knowledge is so minimal I'm not sure how to answer this. It is backed up in the sense that I can see all my data on the web version of evernote and on my iphone app - but that is all the "back up" I have


Is a "local notebook" one that is only on my mac? If so, then none of my notebooks on Evernote are local - they all appear when I use evernote on my web browser or on my iphone app

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