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Web Clipper with a 2nd Monitor

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I've just added a 2nd display to my work setup.


When I click on the menu bar Evernote clipper to clip Full Screen the saved image shows both the large screen's desktop and the laptop's. I want to be able to capture the full screen of whichever monitor is "active" either my large screen monitor or my laptop.


When I tried to clip Window that didn't work. No error, just nothing happened.


When I tried to clip a Rectangle that also didn't work. No error, just nothing happened.


Thanks for your advice.

I am half a worker without Evernote behaving the way I'm used to. :)

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I think you are talking about the Evernote Helper in the menu bar on Mac not the Web clipper in a browser. I saw two similar threads in the forum. I recommend to submit a bug report (see my signature). Start the synopsis with "BUG:".

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