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Gmail to Evernote

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Does anyone know if it is possible to forward emails from my gmail account to my EN account.  I am currently sending things from Gmail to EN but only using my default notebook.

If possible I would like to send emails to other notebooks that I have created and not to the default..


Hope you understand what I mean.


Any help would be great. 


Thanks, Paul

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Hi Paul,

You can send email from your Gmail account to a specific notebook in Evernote through one of 2 ways:


1. In the subject line of the email you are forwarding to your Evernote email address, you should include the syntax @[notebook]

  • For example, @emails

2. OR... you can click on the Evernote web clipper icon in your browser while in an open email 

  • From the resulting web clipper dialogue box that comes up, you can choose any notebook in your account (under "Organize")
  • Hit "save".
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