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Premium code problems


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I have entered a promo code at https://evernote.com/partner/huddlebuy/ to extend Premium but my account still says Premium expires on 4th December. I hit Continue as Premium but instead it takes me to a billing screen. There seems to be no option to continue by using the code and it says I have gained 30 points instead,
I submitted this to support, ticket 842296, on Thursday, but have had no reply. Does anyone know if support has been shutdown since then for any reason? When will they be back? Would really like this sorted by the time my account is due for renewal.
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You might have just been given "points" which you then need to redeem for premium (or any number of other upgrades)

If you log into Evernote.com and go to "account settings", then select "Points" from your lefthand sidebar, do you have unused points> they should correspond to the amount of time you redeemed your premium code for. For example, if you had a one year code, I think you should have 120 points. 

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