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(Archived) system delay (?) in accessing notes on device


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I am running the latest Evernote RC on a Moto Droid (running 2.01 OS). When accessing my "recent notes" (Evernote/recent notes) there is a noticeable delay in getting the list of available notes to populate on my device screen. There is then a secondary delay in the opening a specific note. This may be by design(??) if the Evernote client is accessing the notebook(s) off the web ... and I guess suggesting that a copy of the notes/data do not reside on the device...

In comparison, accessing the same information in a different note app - 3banana (I have identical note / data set in both Evernote and 3banana) , is immediate.

So my question - this is delay typical? is it a function of the beta?



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Hi John -

Evernote keeps your notes in sync. The delay you see is Evernote checking to make sure you're accessing the latest version. If you've downloaded the note and items images before this delay can be fairly brief. If note, and you're loading the data over a cell network, it can take a bit of time.

If you've updated the note somewhere else then Evernote will be careful to show you the latest note when you're online.

Future versions of Evernote for Android will give you more access to notes even when you're offline.

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