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CRASH-A-RAMA / all notes shortcut / with the new MAC evernote



we have been using evernote for years now and i have gradually migrated our entire studio notes / research / projects to evernote.  now for the first time ever, we have having daily issues / crashes with the new release [6.0.1] for macOS [10.7.5].  

  • the main issue is when we click in a note to change the notebook it loops for ever and than crashes or we have to force quit.  we have never had any issues until the last few releases.  
  • on a side UI note, what happened to the 'all notes' button, i got use to using that as a shortcut for recent imported notes.


please help, we are now dependent on evernote and the constant crashes are insanely disruptive. 

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This has been reported a number of times on the forum by me and by others. See this thread, for example. Hopefully Evernote will put out a fix. The last version I used was 5.6, and it was essentially unusable on 10.7.5 with the exact same behavior you're describing. 

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it appears that the main crash problem i mentioned above has been fixed in the latest update, thank  you evernote. 

  • oh, and i found 'all notes' under the notebook drop down tab, just click on the 'all notes' title [not quite as easy as its own button, but now i know]
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