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  1. I would pay for Evernote and have in the past, but $7.99 seemed too high even when the service offered non-Electron clients.
  2. On Mac you can use Chronosync or Data Backup by ProsoftEng if time machine isn't sufficient. Also for Mac, to do cloud backups of the local database folder, you could use Arq, Backblaze, or something open source like Restic (cross platform).
  3. I was surprised and recently had success removing that ad from the direct version on both my desktop (iMac running 10.11) and laptop (running 10.12), but found I was not able to do so with the app store version.
  4. Is it a bug that there is no option to remove the Upgrade button for Plus users on the current Mac version, 6.11.1?
  5. I think there should be an option for Plus users to remove the "Upgrade to Premium" option from the sidebar on Evernote for Mac. It's tacky and distracting.
  6. Work chat is a good idea for Evernote, I think, but the trouble with the current approach is that many people don't like creating new accounts. It would be great to have email invitations to work chats using a short numeric code, like on LogMeIn's join.me service. Also, I think that users should be able to hide buttons for features they don't use, which would further the minimalist aspect of the application for those who want to simplify the screen as much as possible.
  7. Actually, I had hoped that Evernote paid the websites for access to that content in order to provide a benefit to users. And I thought that was part of why the subscription fee was going to change. This was probably pretty naive of me, but also why the Techcrunch article came as a surprise. I had not understood why Evernote would not connect with Wikipedia or any number of .gov sites. So why am I leery? First, I had believed the sole goal of the Context feature was to connect users to the best information. That seems less accurate if the determinant is, at least partly, whether the source has paid Evernote money. Second, I don't feel comfortable about providing value to Evernote by contributing to a big pile of data that media companies may pay to have their data matched against. If that's what is happening. I like the ethos of the simpler business model where Evernote only makes money by providing value to users. I understand the viewpoint that Context can just be turned off, and I have nothing against Evernote Business or even the stuff in the Marketplace.
  8. After reading this Techcrunch article I'm doubly leery of the whole Context feature. Obviously I don't expect Evernote to share its business plans or strategy, but it really seems like this could be a budding plan for Evernote to eventually make money with promoted content masquerading as Context, especially in light of the Nikkei article and the fact that all the content providers are corporate and advertising funded and Wikipedia is omitted. I'd rather you guys just sell the pencil holders and premium subscriptions.
  9. If you have the choice, and your hardware supports it, Mavericks or Mountain Lion are better bets than Lion. Evernote is 5.6 is very crash prone on the latest version of Lion. If you have one of the older Intel Macs that will support nothing newer than 10.7, I'd suggest contacting support for a download link to 5.5.2. That version is pretty stable on 10.7.
  10. Sounds interesting. I do have a couple of questions. First, will Context support Wikipedia as a source? Second, are the partner/content providers going to show ads or native advertising?
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