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"Move to Notebook" behavior still broken in EN 6.0.1 (Mac)

Mel Matsuoka


I recently posted about a rather annoying regression/change in the way the "Move to Notebook" shortcut behavior behaves in EN 5.7 (Mac desktop client), and I'm sorry to report that the issue still exists in EN 6.0.1





Basically, If you are editing the Title of a note, the "Move to Notebook" keyboard shortcut does not work until you click off of the Title field. This is really annoying, because my muscle memory gained from using Evernote over the years is such that I like to define the notebook to the note I have just created, before I start writing the actual note itself (discovering this shortcut years ago was a godsend, because too often, I would forget to file notes in the appropriate notebook after spending a lot of time creating it)


This appears to be a genuine bug, because this behavior does not occur if you physically click the "Move to Notebook" item in the "Note/Move to Notebook…" menu. 


My workaround is to use Keyboard Maestro to map the "^⌘M" shortcut key to physically select the "Move to Notebook" menu item. But it would be nice if you didn't have to do it this way, since most people don't own Keyboard Maestro, I would imagine.

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