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Evernote Desktop refuses to sync


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This is my first post, so please excuse any errors. I have looked through every post I can find and the Knowledgebase.


1. On Friday, I was using Evernote and it was fine. I used it to copy a couple of webpages and it registered on the desktop and web.

2. I then tried to copy another web page and I got a sync error, so I tired again as sometimes this happens, but to no avail.

3. I tried the following day and still no sync, so I uninstalled using Revo Pro and re:installed. I have done this several times, rebooted etc and the same problem. I am using the latest Evernote application.

4. I decided to make a new account on Evernote, which I did and low and behold, it worked. However, the following day, I could not get it to work. Back to square one.

I noticed there were 3 conflicts so I deleted these notes and deleted everything in Trash.


5. When trying to install Evernote, I came across a problem after it was extracted and it reported there may be a problem with the package and did not recognise it - I am sorry I did not take the message down. I ran as Admin which seemed to work, although I wonder whether I was just lucky it worked?


6. I have tried again to sync and this time, it was recognised the Notebooks from the Web and they are now listed (I did a stupid thing in that I followed the advice here but did not back up!)

 and I thought it would begin to download the notes, but no. I saw the same error sync at the top of the window.


7. I called the Activity Log and copied to clipboard and into a text file when the Activity Log suddenly came to life again!


8. After 4 minutes, again the message: Client synchronization finished, status: failed.


Is there anyone who could help me please? I have been using Evernote since the beginning and this is the first issue.


Thanking you in advance.




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After sending this message, I clicked on Sync and after a few minutes, a few notes appeared. At the moment, it seems that each time it fails, I click again on Sync and it does seem to download a few notes. I do not know why it keeps failing after a few minutes.


This is the weirdest experience.


Any help, much appreciated please.


Apologies if I have erred in some way regarding asking for help.


Kind regards.

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There is a major bug with the Windows version that has been creating syncing problems for the last few weeks.  The only suggestion Support offers is to watch for later updates.  They recommend that we use the web version.  Very frustrating.

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That is exactly the scenario.  It download a few notes at a time and then freezes either with a fatal error or simply locks the cursor.  Eventually it reaches a limit and will not sync a single additional note.  Evernote's failure to communicate regarding this issue is very disheartening.

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