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Evernote Desktop refuses to sync


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This is my first post, so please excuse any errors. I have looked through every post I can find and the Knowledgebase.


1. On Friday, I was using Evernote and it was fine. I used it to copy a couple of webpages and it registered on the desktop and web.

2. I then tried to copy another web page and I got a sync error, so I tired again as sometimes this happens, but to no avail.

3. I tried the following day and still no sync, so I uninstalled using Revo Pro and re:installed. I have done this several times, rebooted etc and the same problem. I am using the latest Evernote application.

4. I decided to make a new account on Evernote, which I did and low and behold, it worked. However, the following day, I could not get it to work. Back to square one.

I noticed there were 3 conflicts so I deleted these notes and deleted everything in Trash.


5. When trying to install Evernote, I came across a problem after it was extracted and it reported there may be a problem with the package and did not recognise it - I am sorry I did not take the message down. I ran as Admin which seemed to work, although I wonder whether I was just lucky it worked?


6. I have tried again to sync and this time, it was recognised the Notebooks from the Web and they are now listed (I did a stupid thing in that I followed the advice here but did not back up!)

 and I thought it would begin to download the notes, but no. I saw the same error sync at the top of the window.


7. I called the Activity Log and copied to clipboard and into a text file when the Activity Log suddenly came to life again!


8. After 4 minutes, again the message: Client synchronization finished, status: failed.


Is there anyone who could help me please? I have been using Evernote since the beginning and this is the first issue.


Thanking you in advance.




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After sending this message, I clicked on Sync and after a few minutes, a few notes appeared. At the moment, it seems that each time it fails, I click again on Sync and it does seem to download a few notes. I do not know why it keeps failing after a few minutes.


This is the weirdest experience.


Any help, much appreciated please.


Apologies if I have erred in some way regarding asking for help.


Kind regards.

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That is exactly the scenario.  It download a few notes at a time and then freezes either with a fatal error or simply locks the cursor.  Eventually it reaches a limit and will not sync a single additional note.  Evernote's failure to communicate regarding this issue is very disheartening.

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