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Inviting free account users to join/share a notebook in a premium account

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I am a premium account user. Ours is a small firm of financial advisers. WE deal with clients pensions and investments. We have a 3 user licence.


Does anybody know if you can invite somebody to share a notebook if they are using the free version of Evernote.


So lets say we are working on a clients pension. We (the premium account users) set up a notebook for Fred Bloggs (the client) and Fred has a Fidelity pension. We want input from Fidelity so we contact Mary at Fidelity and ask her to set up a free Evernote account with the specific aim of sharing Fred Bloggs notebook with us.


Can this be done?


Thank you.

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Yes it can.


Used to be that free users couldn't share a notebook with editing permissions. That was changed recently so that free users could share one notebook (with editing permissions), now I think there isn't a limit on the number.


It's not very clear so I'm in no way surprised that people get confused.


Looks like you need to use clunky Work Chat to do it now - there's some info here: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/95751063

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