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Shared Notebook



I´ve just started using Evernote with a free account.

A friend who has a Premium account has created a Notebook.

Something odd happens when I clip a page from the web into the notebook she´s created  using the elephant icon  in the browser: after completing the "save" proccess  I cant´ see it in my Evernote window , but  my friend can see them in hers. She sees the items added after syncing but no matter what I do (syncing, closing and opening evernote etc)  they don´t show up for me.

On the other hand if instead of clicking the elephant icon I just drag the page to the evernote window it works but then i dont´t have the option of choosing how I visualize it and I can only see the site address (http.....) with no image.

 Dragging other things like files from my computer works fine meaning I can visualize them in  my Evernote environment.

Could someone help me figure out what´s wrong? 

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Hi Monica,

It's a bit hard to diagnose with the information at hand. If you use the browser extension Web Clipper from www.evernote.com/webclipper this use case is working well in our testing. 

when you say 'after completing the save process...' you should see a confirmation window in the Web Clipper confirming the clip was successful. That window is not expected to show the clip you just made. But if you go into your Evernote client and sync it you should see the new clip in the shared notebook. 


Not sure if that explains the expected behavior or not. If you can post a detailed step - by - step description of what you are doing then I can take a second look. 

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Hi jbignert

Thank you for your reply.

The problem I mentioned in my last post has "evolved" into something else after many attempts to fix it (reinstalling evernote, creating a new notebook etc). I tried to use my account in my Ipad and I found out it seemed to work out. But it seems my free account doesn´t allow me to use evernote syincing in two devices, and the shared  notebook  simply disappeared from my laptop.

Since the laptop is where I need it most, I´ve deleted evernote from the Ipad hoping that it would be restored to the laptop. Well it didn´t work. Now my friend is unable to send a new invitation to share the notebook, all I receive are chat invitations, and after acceping  them I get to the evernote web environment, where I can see the shared notebook will all its contents, but... in the evernote in my computer the notebook is empty!!!

My friend is a  Mac user and I´m not. Could that be the problem? 

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