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How to turn off help notifications/popups?





I updated my Mac Evernote Desktop app (Evernote Version 6 / Yosemite on mac) and now I get help type notifications/popups every time I click on a note with an image or PDF in.


It does not want to go away no matter how many time it pops up, or if I quit and restart.


I've attach a screenshot snip.


Does anyone know how to switch this off?





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I don't know but it pisses me off as well.

I've pressed close on the "How to get the most out of your inbox" popup about 7 times yet the thing keeps coming back up.

And now I'm getting repeat messages in my notifications bar about some other feature that I couldn't give two hoots about. 


Speaking as someone who also writes software, this is just poor design. The developers obviously don't carry out very thorough testing before each new release or they would have noticed this.


Get your act together, Evernote.


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