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Editing a note in web, results in hundrends of versions of the same note


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I took notes (in one particular Evernote note) during a meeting using the web client.


Later in the day I opened the note to write a proper article based on them.


When I finished writing I saw that there were over 200 versions of the same note on the notebook, containing previous versions depicting the course of my writing. In other words, the oldest note was just my bullets, the last note was my finished article. Every note between them was something in the middle. 


How do I prevent that? 


Thank you very much for your answers

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Were you using the original web interface, or the beta interface? If it is the beta interface, I'd post in the Web Beta forum. If it was in the classic interface, that sounds like a bug. I'd report it to support. 


How do you prevent it? I don't think it can be prevented because I don't think it is supposed to happen!

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