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Android Business Card Scanning and features

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So today I finally got to use the new feature, well new if you're an Android user!

Had to do a manual update for some reason but the business cards are there hidden under camera option :-)

Just a couple of  questions ...

1. Can you set the notebook you want the cards to be stored into by default ?
2. Does it capture the website/twitter/facebook? It appears not to on my sample cards?
3. Can it not put all the other data from the card it can't place in a field into notes, at least then fixing any mis-determined fields is just a cut and paste rather than re-key?
4. Any chance of adding double sided, or better multi shot cards, I have some which are 4 sides (fold on short edge to make a long card - hard to scan in one pass) and anoth with 2 columns and it fails as a single pass, but two separate pictures and it gets the data, just into 2 records!

5. Is there any simple way to export the cards to CSV or some other basic data structure for taking to our SugarCRM/SuiteCRM system?

Sorry for the Cross post as this also got tacked on to the end of a completely unrelated post, so rather than get lost I have created a new post! (Sorry if this is wrong).


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