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  1. Having had many issues in the past, I've tried to manually sync before and after any edits, either on an iPad or a Win7 PC. Historically I've used more machines, but recently limited myself to just those 2, and I still get issues. Worst, and rubbing salt into the wound as it's easy to rectify, is some sort of notification that you cant miss (an edit to the end of a 800 line note is not easy to see!! Honestly!), and adding a file to a notebook, you're not likely to check each time you use EN, is equally unrealistic. Come on a proper and unmissable "you have a sync conflict in this note, the older note is saved in conflicts" is simple while the addition of "a diff file for the two is saved in the same folder for your review." would be easy to implement and save us all the headaches we keep having ... while it's not a real fix, it would help, in the short term while 2 CORE FUNDAMENTAL issues get sorted - yes EN, you are in the multi access notebook software market, and users EXPECT it to auto sync and resolve conflicts seamlessly ... YES we DO !! The issue of fixing the sync, so it does it reliably, without the need to manually hit sync (honestly, it's not 1986, we're 30 years down the road!) is CRITICAL and long overdue Resolving conflicts in a user acceptable, merged and marked up, with options to accept or discard etc, this should have been sorted when users started raising issues on this aspect of the software operation, yet seems to have been ignored repeatedly. Adding more bells and whistles is POINTLESS fix the core functionality first, no-one can build anything reliable on an unreliable engine. I have 2869 notes, many are 1000+ lines, few are 3-4 lines ... but, things are getting so painful with this sync set of issues that I'm seriously looking to move my data elsewhere, and I'm sure I'm not alone. I'm not going to be held hostage, I will leave... I have one last thing to say, for those who need a free simple diff tool, with web interface, try this: https://www.diffchecker.com/ I've used it a few times, it's easy and simple, quick, it's free and does what it says on the tin ... shame on you EN, get you act together. Disgruntled that again I waste 45minutes finding by chance a sync conflict and then trying to see what is messed up, I just don't need this. Richard
  2. I'm very disappointed that this issue still has not been resolved to any degree at all. I only find that a conflict occurred when I notice that "Conflicting changes" has a note in it, but I've just realised that these notes are not sync'd (or at least my latest conflicting note I've found was not sync'd, the Windows desktop version is and the note is only on 1 PC (I sync between Home PC (Win7), Work PC (Still XP), Laptop (Win7), Slate (iPad) and Phone (Droid)). I've been on evernote for probably over 6 years, too long to recall. I'm no stranger to conflicting notes, due mainly to sync being slow/failing when out and about, or dreaded unannounced reboots ... despite every effort to manually sync before existing ... HOWEVER evernote does nto notify me of any conflict (as mentioned elsewhere, so is there a setting I've disabled?) It seems to now only generate duplicate notes in "conflicting changes" folder, rather than the appending to end of note (very annoying as never ever know it's happened). ANYWAY, this is a simple issue and Diff/merge&Diff, track changes technologies are neither new or immature, far from it, so why for @##@ sake can't this be dealt with in a mature and reliable, clear and transparent way in evernote?! For an company and product that is far from niche, and slates it's self as being multi platform, multi device, syncing etc, this should be one of the first things on the check list of what do I need to do reliably. Seems the central server creates these things, the tech's at Evernote can see how many instances it occurs, and clearly from the years old threads and ongoing discussion that this is a core problem that people neither like or expect from this sort of product ? Come on EverNote Team please do something! Thanks Richard (hacked off, after finding yet another unannounced conflicting change on my Work PC, from before Christmas, but not synced or noted anywhere but the machine it's on (by way of being in the conflicting changes folder - no notification), and today is my first day back to that PC, and after an hour of manual diff and merge, and I'm very ANNOYED !!!)
  3. Sadly GsyncIT does not and has no plans/is not going to be offering a EverNote contact sync. two replies both consisted of something like "Sorry, we do not support this" ... Grrrr
  4. So having searched the online KB etc, here is a review of the relevant content ... 2 articles: from : https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/53430697 and from: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/53057988 Sadly these options mentioned at the end about default folders are not yet included in the Android version (oh, please Evernote this is not that hard to get consistent) So from the KB articles not much of help regarding exporting from the desktop, it seems that the link at time of scanning is the only route. With the iPhone there are more settings under General > Camera> Business cards, and you can set each card to be saved to contacts, the Android version is missing this setup, but can be done each time after the scan ... yes, sadly more inconsitent interface/settings :-( Not having a Mac to check this on, but I understand from other posts that the Mac Desktop version does have the Share > Send to contacts, any one able to confirm? On the iPad (and i assume all iOS phones etc) and definitely on Android only 1 contact can be saved to contacts. So sadly it looks bleak for Windows users. There is a product, with a free trial that might support the needs: http://www.fieldstonsoftware.com/software/gsyncit4/ I am waiting to hear from the company if they do or are planning to support contacts from Evernote to Outlook sync'ing as their last product pages don't show it.... watch this space! About to have a play with a snapscan iX500 and see how that copes with evernote, or if just using the Fujitsu bundled card software is easier ... Anyone with other ideas for getting bulk (multi-selected) already scanned business cards to Gmail or Outlook feel free to shout out! Thanks
  5. Multi select in Windows is easy, in notes view, just click the first one and shift click the last (the outline goes blue on my system) or even ctrl click the 2nd to xth. They then display as a stck in the left hand pane, with options like "share" "merge" etc, Click ... err, now there WAS an option here last time I looked to send to Gmail under the share option ... but's gone, or my memory has! Just retraced my steps and I'm a little lost as to where the Gmail / Outlook options have gone?! either I've upgraded since the 21st or I'm going mad, as I checked it before I posted, as it's just what I'm looking to do as well ... So nowI'm in need to help too, probably Men in White Coats!
  6. I'm really pleased that I got so many answers and solved my problem, and learnt a whole new menu in the process! Thanks again for all the help and really do appreciate the community support. Cheers
  7. Arrh penny now dropped ... took a looooooonnnnnnnnggg while :-) I was looking purely for a help topic, rather than a menu command for the task ... had become coalfaced (and red faced now!) .. yes there are more task focussed options on the menu via the <ctrl> click (new one on me!) and Yes there is a menu item for that specific task, although must say I prefer "csihilling"'s answer as it lets me see the tags in one place and allows more flexibility to edit etc. Was too consumed in the help search to notice the extra tasks, doh! Thanks for the clarification, as those options look quite useful in themselves. Cheers
  8. Hey, look I'm sorry this is starting to sound like a moan, it's not meant to be, so sorry. I have found the solution with the help of "csihilling", so job done, but was surpised to have other routes to the tags (like via the view menu) mentioned that Windows EN was missing, lets face it having the tags section listed under view is fairly logical !! (PS the "Jump to Tags" option is not taking you to the tags section, it takes you to the tags filter. However I was surprised that I realised EN had no in-built help and there appeared to be interface differences, well actually it's an EN speciallity, between versions/systems ... and that does annoy and frustrate me, more so if it's available on the mac :-) I am running Windows Evernote Desktop 5.7.2..5753 on Windows 7 Clicking or <ctrl> clicking the menu "help" has the same effect as just clicking the help menu, to bring up the sub menu (never seen <ctrl> and a menu do anything special before and not surprised at this.) The sub Menu has listed as the first option "Online help F1" ... see image below There is no help key and the help menu only offers to take you to online help ... ie these forums and a few "guides" and some KB bits, which when searched gave less than relevant answers ... My concern was and still is, that Gaz is using a Mac or other client, as he's clearly trying to help, for which I'm grateful, but his functionality and mine are different, which is what I wanted to bottom out, as I don't get to see a Mac, I can't tell. But his use of phases (help key) etc reminds me of a mac user, and I just wanted to know if the mac version had in-built help, so that I could add it to the list of things EN could do to improve the Windows offering. It's not hard to port a help file (and deal with interface/keyboard difference) and just lazy if they have not. I'd rather have help than none, but do think if you're helping from another pltform, especially in the EN family, it's better to say so upfront ... ie on my Mac version I have a <ctrl> <help> option that when searched with "X Y Z" brings up the following .... Sadly the versions are not the same. I was just curious to hear if the Mac version had help ... just never got back an answer! Anyway, bottom line is I have found my answer and grateful for all three of your help, I appreciate people providing their time and energy to help others, without your and many other users posts, EN users would be pretty screwed, even those of us who haved used it for 4-5 years or more! thanks again
  9. Windows desktop ... but err... windows ... well at lest until Win7 ... does not have a help key?! <F1> is the standard help button, and that takes you to online help. A PC keyboard has never had a help key, not since MSDOS and before! I use a win 7 soft keyboard on a tablet and checked Microsoft Win 8 keyboards to see if they have "added" any thing and can't see a <help> key or anything different Please advise what key you are using and if this is built in help or just routing to the website? What version of Evernote are you using? thanks
  10. Thanks, yes got the answer, but sadly as stated I'm on Windows, so we don't have Ctrl-help, it's F1 on Windows ... and surprisingly that brings up a most unhelpful list of references: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/search?query=Delete%20unsused%20tags which is why I posted the question here! I am to understand the Mac has built-in help? Or is it online too? I'd be very miffed if EverNote had once again managed to split functionality and have proper help on one platform but not another?! Sadly it's what many of us have come to expect, so would not be surprised, just led down and disappointed ... :-(
  11. thanks, yes got that, just did not know to look down there! Not to worry, but a menu item might be useful, that's where I'd expect to see something like that ... no worries thanks for all the pointers
  12. So today I finally got to use the new feature, well new if you're an Android user! Had to do a manual update for some reason but the business cards are there hidden under camera option :-) Just a couple of questions ... 1. Can you set the notebook you want the cards to be stored into by default ? 2. Does it capture the website/twitter/facebook? It appears not to on my sample cards? 3. Can it not put all the other data from the card it can't place in a field into notes, at least then fixing any mis-determined fields is just a cut and paste rather than re-key? 4. Any chance of adding double sided, or better multi shot cards, I have some which are 4 sides (fold on short edge to make a long card - hard to scan in one pass) and anoth with 2 columns and it fails as a single pass, but two separate pictures and it gets the data, just into 2 records! 5. Is there any simple way to export the cards to CSV or some other basic data structure for taking to our SugarCRM/SuiteCRM system? Sorry for the Cross post as this also got tacked on to the end of a completely unrelated post, so rather than get lost I have created a new post! (Sorry if this is wrong). thanks
  13. The android version is now available, and the option is under the camera feature ... only just lauched I understand but they have been a little quiet about it!
  14. Just realised you can "export" from your desktop EN (both Mac and Windows) by selecting the contact notes and from there click "share" and have the option to export to Google contacts or Outlook contacts from there you can export, if you still need to ... While not a CSV option, it might be a work around route?
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