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  1. Sadly GsyncIT does not and has no plans/is not going to be offering a EverNote contact sync. two replies both consisted of something like "Sorry, we do not support this" ... Grrrr
  2. So having searched the online KB etc, here is a review of the relevant content ... 2 articles: from : https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/53430697 and from: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/53057988 Sadly these options mentioned at the end about default folders are not yet included in the Android version (oh, please Evernote this is not that hard to get consistent) So from the KB articles not much of help regarding exporting from the desktop, it seems that the link at time of scanning is the only route. With the iPhone there are more settings un
  3. Multi select in Windows is easy, in notes view, just click the first one and shift click the last (the outline goes blue on my system) or even ctrl click the 2nd to xth. They then display as a stck in the left hand pane, with options like "share" "merge" etc, Click ... err, now there WAS an option here last time I looked to send to Gmail under the share option ... but's gone, or my memory has! Just retraced my steps and I'm a little lost as to where the Gmail / Outlook options have gone?! either I've upgraded since the 21st or I'm going mad, as I checked it before I posted, as it's just
  4. Just realised you can "export" from your desktop EN (both Mac and Windows) by selecting the contact notes and from there click "share" and have the option to export to Google contacts or Outlook contacts from there you can export, if you still need to ... While not a CSV option, it might be a work around route?
  5. In the scans I did today the data is definately held in some king of fields as opposed to free form, I guess some enterprising person could write a HTML to CSV or HTML to Sugar/SalesForce/Whatever link .. which is just what I'm after The other option would be to add to contacts in the Android version (out now) and then sync to your desktop and output from there, I'd really rather not ... but it might be an option for some?
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