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I would like to start out by saying that I love Evernote and promote it frequently. The Evernote team has done an outstanding job of developing features and keeping things fairly simple for users. However, with that said I have a few feature request that would help my workflow and allow me to work almost exclusively in Evernote for project management. 


Feature Request:


Multiple Panel View:

This is like Trello/Sortd type view that I would love to use. Being able to see multiple notebooks and/or, alarms and tags at once and being able to drag and drop notes between the notebooks/tags would help me manage projects. Sorting/organizing mass amounts of information can be challenging. I'm looking for a system to take the burden off of me and my failing mind.... Visual sorting is the easiest way I have found to manage task and items. If I have to pine through long list to find things I need I've already lost...


Highlights/ Coloring

I'm currently using Airmail (Mac) as my desktop email client. They have a feature that I have found that has been very useful in managing my inbox. They have three options (todo, done, and memo) selecting any one of those options does several things. It tags the email for that category and it also highlights the email in the list in a specific color. This color coding helps me to quickly look past emails that are "done", but that I'm not ready to file away, and it also helps me to find emails that I need to take action on. 


Smart Attachments

I like the ability to add a document/file to a note to keep track of multiple things, but with it buried in the Evernote application folder it doesn't always allow for the type of access that I would like. I would be great if you could identify the location of the note. Similar to how in Aperture (mac) I can specify where my raw photo images are stored. If the file gets moved Aperture just asked to relink the file. This would allow me to share a document lets say in dropbox or google drive.... and other people could update it, but I would still have it in Evernote with my reference notes. 


Tag Management

Using Tags can be a learning curve when you first begin and sometimes during the process it you create a tag that is less than ideal. I like how you can group related tags under the "tag" screen, but it would be nice to be able to merge two tags together or rename tags on this screen that than renames the tag on each note. Assigning other features to tags (colors, flags, starts, actions) would also be cool. Also something that Google Gmail is trying with a category view would be great. Also being able to add a group of tags in shortcuts would be nice. 


Notebook View

The notebook view layout needs some work. 



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