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  1. I have moved my entire live into Evernote and love many of the features of the product and I have recently have purchased an iPad Pro and pencil for taking handwritten notes. I have tried several of the note taking apps available. I have settled on Penultimate mainly for how it integrates into Evernote. I wish you could write in Evernote, but at least Penultimate appends notes and updates content in Evernote. I also like the paper template selection and am reasonably happy with the performance of the tools... The one exception being the cut tool. It leaves bits of the selection behind... However, I feel this app could be so much more powerful and still stay simple, which is also appealing. Here are my request: 1. Improve the cut and move tool (leaves bits behind) 2. Convert to text would be amazing. Recognizing todo list items and calendar dates would be out of this world. 3. Copy and paste text, images, documents and links would make this a far more useful "Evernote" type tool. Evernote is slated as the place to store everything.... Skitch, web clipper and Penultimate need to merge abilities. Taking hand written notes in Penultimate is awesome... Being able to paste/link related content would be far more powerful. 4. Speaking of related content... Sometimes I have multiple notes of the same topic and it would be great to be able to cross reference those files (they don't warrant their own notebook). I know this can be done in Evernote, but I am operating out of Penultimate, and using Evernote as a reference tool (only because I can write easily in Evernote) 5. Do away with Penultimate and give the power to Evernote. One stop shop for everything I could live with. Penultimate with my iPad Pro has become such a useful tool in my day to day life, it has caused me to question my use of Evernote... When I need to use another program that doesn't update notes in Evernote I really get annoyed. I often do this when I want features that Penultimate does not. I've begun to look at other systems that can do and house all my needs. I would prefer not to switch, but as I move forward I might need to, if Penultimate/Evernote can meet my needs. Thanks Scott
  2. If I am understanding you correctly( thats a big if). You don't want to create a notebook stack. You just need to drag the individual note into the Evernote Notebook that you want to create in Penultimate. For example: In Penultimate I will create a note in my default notebook called "Scott" I will call this note "test". I will sync Penultimate with Evernote. The "test" note from Penultimate should show up in my "Scott" notebook and be titled "test". In Evernote I will move my "test" note to the Notebook I want to show up in Penultimate. Lets call it "Scott's Ultimate Notebook". So now the "test" note lives in the "Scott's Ultimate Notebook" in Evernote. Sync Evernote... and go back to Penultimate (sync if needed). My "Scott's Ultimate Notebook" Should now be displayed in Penultimate with my other notebooks. Inside "Scott's Ultimate Notebook" should be my "test" note. Any new notes that I add into my "Scott's Ultimate Notebook" in Penultimate should show up in Evernote in my "Scott's Ultimate Notebook". I hope that helps.
  3. I saw this on a page for the new 6.0 features How to access existing Penultimate notebooks:Existing Penultimate notebooks are now represented as a stack of pages that form a single note. You can access individual pages by opening a note and then scrolling with two fingers.Notes in Penultimate 6 are sorted by Evernote notebook, so users with notes in multiple notebooks will not see all their notes on screen at the same time. Only Evernote notebooks containing Penultimate notes will be shown in the interface, so the user must first move a Penultimate note into that notebook in another Evernote client. After syncing, the Evernote notebook should show up as a circle in the notebook list in the app.
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