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Clicking links in the EN reminders email


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I can't seem to find an answer to this one through a forum search.  


I get an email each day with my reminders for the day.  If I click on a link in the email for one of those reminders, my chrome browser gets invoked to the sign on screen and focus in EN turns to the reminder note.  Anyway to bypass the Chrome invoking?



Win7/Chrome and current EN

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I'm fairly techy and don't get this one either. I've been searching Google, YouTube, and this forum for answers.


I upgraded to the latest and greatest OS of Mac for my MacBook Pro. I got Yosemite 10.10.1. So far, so good.

I had to upgrade my Evernote (I use the free one)...Again, so far, so good. (I'm using 6.0.5, the newest version.) 

The thing I don't get...How come I can't get from an emailed note link to the app when I'm on a computer (in this case, my MacBook Pro)? 

So, I email myself reminders and they come in a list each morning from Evernote. When I go to click on one, yes, it takes me to Evernote, but not to the actual item that I clicked on. 

I tried keeping Evernote open and seeing if when I clicked on an item, it would help take me there and nope, it's just my Evernote area with the notes and notebooks, not the note I was trying to access from my email link. 

I'm sure there is a more tech way to describe this...

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