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Opening PDF's in web client

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I have many notes with attached PDF's.  I can view these on my phone and on my desktop client. 


But on Evernote web when I click the attachment to open it, instead of opening the PDF, a window opens asking me where I want to save it.


I'm pretty sure this used to work correctly...a PDF viewer would open when I would click on the attachment.  Any ideas how I might correct this?

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This likely depends on the capabilities of your browser and on what plugins/extensions are installed. If your browser is not capable of loading a PDF itself (and some browsers do not have this capacity without installing a third party PDF extension like Adobe's PDF extensions for browsers), it will likely just make you download it to open the file locally. You might also need to configure this in your browser settings. for example, firefox allows you to select how it handles certain file types. If you have it set to "always ask" what to do with a PDF, that usually means it will never open a PDF in a browser tab and always ask where you want it saved. You can just change this setting. 


Using Safari on my Mac, a PDF opens in a new browser tab. Same with Google Chrome. I have no adobe stuff installed, so this is just the PDF support built into the browser. But all browsers are different, and operating system will play a role too. 

What operating system and web browser are you using? If you try a different browser, do you notice the same issue? 

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