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Synchronization Error Occurred



I received this error notice on my Macbook pro, OS X, 10.9.5


Here the message: An unexpected error occurred while synchronizing wight he Evernote service. The cause is listed below. Check to make sure your computer and network are operating porously. To resolve this error consider exporting any unsynchronized notes then permanently delete the problematic items from Evernote. If the problem persists select "Customer Support" under the "Help" menu.


1 error occurred: Could not sync note '#5Getting Started with Evernote for Mac/ Evernote.'


I tried The "Customer support" and that did Not help.


I have deleted the problem notes, and even synced new notes and keep getting this message, even though the new notes have synced!

I just updated my version of of Evernote to 5.7.2, thinking this may solve my problem and it has NOT. Please ASSIST!


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Maybe this will help someone else. This is how I got rid of the sync error message: I first deleted all problem notes, but I hadn't emptied the trash. Once the trash was emptied, I then clicked Sync on my Evernote desktop, once the sync was completed the error message disappeared!!

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