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(Archived) Evernote for Android 1.1B9

Philip Constantinou

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Hey folks -

We've just published an auto-update for Evernote for Android. This version includes:

  • [*:9i5krcd6]Access to the source URL of clipped pages
    [*:9i5krcd6]Initially scaling images so large images can be viewed completely
    [*:9i5krcd6]Fixes for Droid including better placement of the on-screen keyboard and more stable snapshot code

You can download it now at:


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Great that we are making some progress. 2 things:

Why not allow focus and zoom on the snapshot?

When it creates the note from the snap shot, have it hightlight the text "Untitles Snapshot" so you can start typing without having to delete those letters.


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Ever since B6, and still in B9, if I try to take a snapshot on my G1, the first snapshot will work just fine, but from then on the camera will be hung up, resulting in just a black screen, and requiring a forced close to get out of the camera app. From that point on, the camera will not work in any app on the phone, until I reboot the phone. If I take the pictures outside of Evernote, I can take pictures all day without issue, but it would seem like Evernote does not properly release the camera, after the first picture.

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Thanks so much for these frequent updates! You guys are doing a great job!

I just wanted to report a little glitch. I edited a note today and after saving, the unedited version displayed. I opened it back up and my edits were there, so it saved just fine. Here are the steps:

  • [*:2i61qtpi]Open an existing text note ("Reading View"?)[*:2i61qtpi]Menu > Edit[*:2i61qtpi]Edit the note[*:2i61qtpi]Menu > Save[*:2i61qtpi]Evernote returns to Reading View but the original, unedited version displays

When I pull up "Recent Notes" the thumbnail clearly contains the all of the text I've entered (that is, it's been updated). But if I click it to read it, it's still the old version. If I choose to edit it, the new version is available.

I'm running Evernote on a G1 with Cyanogen's latest ROM.

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