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Feature Request: Favorites / Bookmarks synching


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I would greatly value the ability to use Evernote to hold all of my favorites and bookmarks, and make the available within browsers through an add-on or extension. I would think that one could adapt the structure of notebooks to be folders to hold notes that are nothing but the favorites/bookmark equivalent.


If you would also like the feature, please say so here, so that Evernote knows that more than one person would like it.

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Notebooks indeed hold notes (and only notes), and you can put what you like in the notes. If you want to put bookmarks into notes, then you can; occasionally I export my Chrome bookmarks to an HTML file, and import that into Evernote as a note. Maybe a third-party developer would want to make an application that manages bookmarks in Evernote notes. Most of the time, I just depend on Chrome to manage (and sync) my bookmarks, though.

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