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Ok, I'll try to make this short and sweet..when I annotate a pdf doc on my pc (Windows 8) and then I synchronized it, my markers do not show up at the right places on my iphone and well It makes no sense and hard to read on the go..Is this fixable ? Please find attached an example of what things look like post-235307-0-10774300-1416220383_thumb.

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I find the same issue myself and have spoken about it elsewhere. I also use a combination of iOS and Windows desktop. In my case, I find that the shapes, arrows, etc. stay where they belong... and the writing shifts slightly in relation to these. If you do not annotate, and shut the editing down, it will return to normal, and nothing will have moved (hardly a solution, I know). The problem is with any new annotations that you add. I have currently not found a solution to this pain in the butt... except to try and stick to annotating specific documents on one client. In my case I go with my iPad most frequently. 


I also found in a test I did while collaborating on a document via Work Chat with another forum member, that when you edit a document cross-platform (i.e. He was using Macbook/ iOS... and at the time I was using Windows desktop)... the editing does not show up at all. Everything behaves erratically. I'm specifically talking about the Skitch Annotation tools - which is a biggie for Evernote, especially since Annotations, I would imagine, are pretty high up there on the list as collaboration tools. It goes without saying.


Perhaps the right person at Evernote could shed some light on whether the Common Editor that is to be rolled out on all platforms will resolve this issue with Annotations cross-platform. I'm holding thumbs. 

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