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Give us the old app back in iTunes and rename version 6.0 as a new app

Torben Ibsen

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The new Penultimate 6.0 could be renamed and rebranded as "JotUltimate" or some other smart name with a new filename in iTunes. Then Evernote could reintroduce the old and beloved Penultimate 5 version back in iTunes under its old name and filename. Everybody would be happy. Then Evernote can "upgrade" the new "JotUltimate" app as much as they like. And just keep the old version available.


But thank you, Evernote, for teaching everybody a lesson or two: It is important to have a total backup before installing new important stuff. Never use the auto-update function in IOS. Never install a new X.0-version of an app before knowing what will happen. Always install from iTunes on a computer. After updates to your computers iTunes, you can find the old app-version file in the trash can. That way you can restore the old version of an app easily.


An easy way to insure against this is to keep a copy of the *.ipa files from iTunes in a safe place on the harddisk. They are in iTunes/Mobile Applications on your computer. Just delete the newly downloaded version from iTunes and move the old version back in place.


Evernote is not the only vendor who removes important functionality and calls it an upgrade. But it should be illegal to do so! 

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