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Have just started with Evernote and using the Web Clipper and am finding it very frustrating that I cannot seem to crop the things I clip

as they are usually full of extraneous info when all I want is usually at the centre of the page..

Sometimes a screen shot will do but more often the content I want is longer than a screenshot

and I have to either clip as a article or a page.

Is there anyway to crop so I can just get the content I want?



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I know what you mean... trying to "crop" an already clipped article/ web page within a note is incredibly frustrating, especially since the underlying HTLM does not behave as we wish... so that's not the route you would want to go.


Also, I know that often you need more than a screenshot and less than an entire article...


Plus... often expanding/ contracting the selection in "Article" mode by toggling the +/- feature at the header/ footer of the article, does not give you the exact selection you want (did you know you could actually do that?)



So... what you want to do at the time of clipping an article/ page (in a desktop browser):


  • With your cursor, select whatever limits on the page you would like to copy (your selection is usually highlighted in blue)
  • Hit the Evernote web clipper icon like you normally would...
    • You will notice a new option (which is automatically selected): "Selection"
    • Hit save after adjusting the organization options (Notebook, tag, comment)
  • Your selection will appear in your Evernote account just as is... nothing more, nothing less

I often do this when clipping stuff here in the forums. Works beautifully  ;) 

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