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Printing option and multigesture ?


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I did download the latest update and was so disappointed (same as most the users).


Sorry, but what a bad version !


I agree with almost all what other are saying and what can we do with these ?


1) No more printing from the application....

2) The application forces us to deactivate the multigesture from the iOs System.... as my home button is out of order how can I do to use the application properly ???



So I did reinstall the old application... and I am so happy... everything is great again !


DON'T UPDATE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DO, this is my small advice !



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  • Evernote Employee

Printing is available under the share menu. Long press the note in the note list and slide your finger to the share icon. You can then export the note as a PDF to send it to another app or print it.

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