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  1. Distant2k, have you tried using the "+" and "-" buttons at the top of the zoom window to adjust drift speed? They appear next to the "pause" button when drift is turned on.
  2. It sounds like there's an issue with localization. What language is your device set to?
  3. When you say all your notes are stored on your computer, do you mean that you have the .pen files saved on your computer, or that you have iPad backups saved in iTunes? If you have the .pen files, you should be able to reimport them from your email or a Dropbox account. Unfortunately we have had reports of incomplete backups, so we do not advise relying solely on the iTunes restore process.
  4. You can't add drawings to an Evernote note directly from Penultimate, though once a Penultimate note has synced to Evernote you should be able to save images of individual pages and use them in any notes you want. Would it solve your use case if you could highlight a selection in Penultimate, copy it, and paste it as an image in Evernote?
  5. Thanks for reporting this! I was able to reproduce it, and a fix should be included in the next version (unfortunately didn't make it in time for 6.1.2).
  6. This sounds like a bug; notes are supposed to open to the last page viewed, and there is not an option in settings to disable this. If you can reproduce it in the latest version (6.1.2), I've got some questions that might help us debug it: 1. Is your app set to horizontal or vertical scrolling? 2. Is your note in portrait or landscape orientation? 3. Does the note always open to the first page, some other specific page, or a random page? 4. Does the thumbnail match the page it opens to, and if not, what page does it show? 5. Does this behavior occur only on specific notes, only on existing notes, or on all new and existing notes? Thanks for reporting this issue!
  7. Penultimate can only open notes created in Penultimate, so any notebooks that do not contain these notes are hidden in the app's interface. If you use the Evernote app to create a notebook and move a Penultimate note into it, that notebook should appear when you sync Penultimate. Likewise, if you create a notebook in Penultimate, you should be able to use Evernote to add any other notes to it. It should remain visible in Penultimate as long as it contains at least one Penultimate note. We understand that this can be confusing and are looking into more intuitive solutions for future releases. Does this address your issue?
  8. Unfortunately iTunes sometimes fails to properly restore devices. We recommend syncing to Evernote and/or backing up .pen files to a cloud storage provider like Dropbox.
  9. You can add an image by pressing and holding your finger on the screen. Are there other features you're having trouble accessing?
  10. Which model of iPad are you using? The Jot Script uses Bluetooth LE to connect, which is not available on iPad 2. The stylus button should appear on all other iPads.
  11. Hey, Nick. I'm not aware of anyone else having installation issues. The latest version should be compatible with any iPad running iOS 8.0 or later, and the store should offer to install the latest compatible version for devices running earlier versions of iOS. Are you trying to install from the App Store or from a backup? Can you think of anything unusual about your device or iTunes account?
  12. Titles are not shown by default, but can be enabled in settings. Tap the profile icon at the top left, then go to Settings > Show Note Titles. As for your stylus, there are a couple things to check if it's a Jot Script Evernote Edition stylus: 1. First, tap the stylus button (the circle with a stylus and radiating lines) in the writing menu to make sure it's connected. 2. Next, make sure your wrist position is set correctly (accessible via the same stylus button once connected). If you're still having stylus issues once these are set, a video would be very helpful in diagnosing the problem.
  13. Printing is available under the share menu. Long press the note in the note list and slide your finger to the share icon. You can then export the note as a PDF to send it to another app or print it.
  14. Use two fingers to scroll up and down through all the content in your note; there's no longer a need to turn pages. You should be able to zoom by pinching out (start with two fingers close together and move them apart). If it's still not working please send a video and I'll try to figure out why it's interpreting your pinch out (to zoom) as a pinch in (to close the note).
  15. Pinch with two fingers to zoom in and out (the same way you would on a map). Glad to hear you like the app!
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