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How to add new page to handwritten note

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How do I add a new page to a handwritten note?


If I have a longer "note-taking session", it is easy to fill up the single page.  How do I add a new page?  Or, in the middle of my note taking, do I have to save & close that note, create a new note, switch to handwriting mode, and remember to go back at some point and re-apply labels, etc. to the new note?  


Using Samsung Note 8, if it makes a difference

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I'm not totally following you. I also have a Note 8.


There are two possible "handwritten" notes you maybe referring to. 


First, the note has an in built pen which can convert handwriting to text. It does so almost as if it is the keyboard of the tablet. If you have been using this to create Evernote notes and just want to add more to such a note later: tap the note from the list. Then tap the green pen symbol which should show up in the lower right corner. Sometimes if you scroll around a note this button will disappear, but if you scroll back to the top of the note, it will reappear. Taping it should take you to edit mode. Then tap where you want to edit and begin.


However, Evernote also has a "handwriting mode" I usually only use this for drawings since the Samsung pen work extremely well at converting to text and in the end I find text much better as my final product. But there are certainly reasons to use Evernote's handwriting mode. 


So if you have created a note with handwriting it it, you'll need to do what I describe to edit the note, but you'll also need to tap the "handwriting" area to enter back into the handwriting mode. To me this area looks a bit like a picture, but tapping it takes you to edit mode where you can find your place and start to add new material. 

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