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Is there a way to take us to a regular desktop client view instead of separate independent view?


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When I use web clipper, it usually takes me to a separate window from the desktop client.


I usually want to edit the content a little before saving it.


However, this separate window does not seem to allow me to use keyboard shortcuts to easily move between note title and body text.


The cursor in the window is usually placed into body text. I can only edit the title when I use a mouse. I want to be able to use shortcuts. But there do not seem any. Some suggested I use F2, but it does not do anything in my client.





After some searching in this forum, I learned that combination of Tab and Esc in the regular desktop client mode (with three panes) resolve this issue.


However, when I use web clipper, I usually get this separate window where those keys do not work.






Now I am wondering if there is any way at all to immediately have the regular view of desktop client open (with three panes  - notebook, note list and note -) where I can use Tab & Esc combination, when using WebClipper, rather than having it take me to this separate window?




I looked into Options for Webclipper in Firefox but there was not any options like that.



I wish Evernote will either 1. create shortcuts for separate windows to get into note title and 2. give options to get directly to the full desktop client instead of a separate window.



Or if there is a workaround, I really would like to find out.






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Also, I really would appreciate it if Evernote Clipper would bring itself up when I clip a page - meaning, not leaving me in Firefox but take me to the newly created note.


At the moment, I have to either click on the new separate Evernote Window or use Alt-Tab to cycle through to the Evenote Window because after clipping, I'm left at Firefox!


Is there a "feature request" forum anywhere? I have carpal and all the keyboard shortcuts are so important for me!

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