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(Archived) bug - Blank image for an uploaded image (but thumbnail ok)

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I have noted a bug in an image I uploaded via JotNot (so using the email interface). The thumbnail for the image clearly shows what the content for the image is, however when you go to view the content it is a blank image. This is consistant across iPhone, web and also when emailing the image.

Anyone else noted this bug?

Evernote: is this a known issue? I'm wondering if the is some delay (it's Been a couple of hours so far) whilst the text scanning is still occuring?


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update - logged into Mac client version and I could see the image - so in summary:

- mobile Web - BLANK

- full Web - GOOD

- iPhone - BLANK

- Send email of image via Web - BLANK (i.e. image sent is blank)

- Mac Client - GOOD

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