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Evernote Premium or Business or ..? Very specific use.

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Good day, all of you.


Recently I've started teaching guitar to a few friends, and I've been looking for a way to share a bunch of links with them. More specifically, I want to create a 'mood board' of sorts which will be a kind of bin for articles, helpful videos, performances, links to music, etc, organised so that I can ask students to look up media relevant to them themselves. Ideally, the solution should have tagging and hierarchical organisation, comments, and a capable search. I can think of many other features that may be useful but these are of primary interest. Free would have been nice, but I'm considering paid for a reliable, polished experience. 


I'm a regular Evernote user, so I naturally started looking at Evernote for Business. It's overkill for my needs, though. Premium seems to have sharing, and it's cheaper too. Which one do you think is more suitable for my use?


Also: while this is an Evernote forum and I really love Evernote, I'm open to the idea that another tool might suit my purpose better. If you have a suggestion, fire away. 


Thanks for reading!

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The free version has sharing? I had no idea, thank you so much! Are there any limitations to the sharing features that I should be aware of?


Edit: it says here that you need Evernote Premium to let others edit your notes. Does that mean that other users cannot add notes to a notebook that I share with them?

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It used to be that free users couldn't share read/write notebooks, though they could share read-only notebooks. Then they changed it to one read-write notebook. But I think that that restriction's been lifted; at least it seems to be a larger number than 1.

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