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Evernote start up on windows ask to select existing account


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Sorry for my english nd the image in french, but everyday I have this popup at start up asking me to select my account database.

I've deleted all to recreate the stuf!!! Same thing.

It's boring, but it seems that updates are not done correctly on certain notes, in other words, I can't rely on the software anymore.

Too bad!

Anyone have a workaround?





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Something seems to have gone very wrong with your database if you're unable to remove this message permanently.  I'd suggest you File > Exit Evernote completely and back up the EXB folder(s) you currently have.



Local notebooks aren't ever synced to Evernote's servers.  If you have any,  export them to individual ENEX files - one per notebook.  Don't forget to check the options and tick 'include tags' if you use them.

Unsynced notes (should have synced,  but haven't yet done so) - send them to your account via its email address,  using the @notebook #tag flags in the title as necessary,  or export them as above to a separate ENEX file for each notebook.

Then rename your Evernote database folder and uninstall / reinstall > https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/24422932


When you log in again with your usual user name and password the server will rebuild your database folder (which can take a little time).

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