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Cannot attach Word file (.doc) using Mac OSX Evernote

G Dude


Hi - I am attempting to attach a Word file to my note, but it does not allow me to select one.  PDF's, JPEG's and other types of files are no problem.  The Support page makes no mention of this.  Can anyone explain, and is there a workaround or fix?



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Evernote should allow you to attach a file of any type, but maybe it's looking for ".docx" instead of ".doc".

IAC, try just drag-n-drop your Word file into the Evernote Note.


What ver of EN Mac are you running?

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I'm running 2.2.3, but I have an old MacBook and Leopard (10.5.8) is the highest OS I can go.   I did try dragging, and got a message saying it is an unsupported file type and that I should upgrade to Premium, so that's that.  Not a huge deal.  I can just convert to PDF.


Thanks though!


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